Skroll Protection Vol. 1

TIMEWHEEL is a record label, creative studio and artistic platform that was founded by a collective of San Antonio-based artists and musicians to create and celebrate music, art and culture. From radio interviews to DIY showcases in the suburbs, the collective is taking this city by storm with constant, quality releases from the labels' artists.

Multi-instrumentalist Arkeologist & Tom 40 Hands have released Skroll Protection Vol.1 on cassette. Sobre Sound spoke with Tom a little bit about the release, he explains "It's a collaboration with 5 of my beats and 5 of Ark's for 10 fully collaborated tracks. The cassette cover was taken by Ark. Every cassette tape cover was made by me and Ark inside the dark room, also we screen printed the words on the cassettes. the cassette cover is a picture of Ark- he's suppose to be dead and the shadow that's next to him is his dog."  

Some of my favorite tracks are "Watermelon Games," "Slipdisq," and "Shiva's Sitar" and the image of the cover really captures the entire sonic landscape of their tape. The fusions of jazz, hip-hop, and hypnotizing bass will surely keep listeners in a daze.

"Yeah, we try to not sound like most beat makers. Some tracks are all original and have no samples in them." explained Tom. "Watermelon Games" is all original with Ark playing the drum loop and bass and me on the keyboards and guitar. The landscape of this tape is almost something unexplainable. It holds this dark type a vibe that me and Ark both have and also the natural ways we create." 

You can buy the limited edition cassettes via the TimeWheel record label website and stream on Apple iTunes or Spotify.