Jazz, TX

photo by Edmond Ortiz

photo by Edmond Ortiz

San Antonio's newest jazz venue is set to open later this summer. Jazz, TX will serve up more than just tunes in the basement of the Bottling District at the Pearl. In an exclusive preview last Friday evening in Hollywood Park, Sobre Sound had the privilege of previewing the sounds and delectable creations of Jazz, TX. 

According to Doc Watkins, the mastermind behind the new venue, we will experience a variety of types of music and witness an array of events that will utilize the space in different ways. Some nights will be low key with tables, some nights standing or dancing room only. On Friday, the Watkin's quartet smoothly accompanied our mouth orgasms with danceable swing, a cover of Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" and other standards.   

Chef Lorenzo Morales, currently of Old Main Association, created hands down one of the best "tacos" I've ever had in my life. I say "tacos" because the only things traditional about it was the tortilla and the brisket, but they were topped with micro greens and fried foie gras. The cocktails available were also phenomenal and deliciously boozy. If the attention to detail of Friday night's preview is mirrored in the actual club, it will be one of the best venues in the state of Texas for music, drinks and the culinary arts.