A Culture of Bass

Sub.Culture’s 2016 Compilation a CHILL Summer Collection that ends hot "af"

When navigating uncharted territory, it can be difficult to know if what you are creating will be received well by others. Too many new ideas, sounds or structures and you can lose listeners right away. Artists bringing music to new levels or evolutions, take risks that often leave general audiences scratching their head: “What do you call it?”, “What type of music is this?”, are questions that are hard to answer when it comes to creating the music of tomorrow. The Sub.Culture Collective takes beat oriented electronic music to new planes of existence and is able to bring listeners along for a chill journey.  

Certain combinations of sounds resonate with us differently. 8-bits, bass and subby kicks will always find a warm spot in my heart and Sub.Culture’s 2016 Compilation is full of all three. 11 tracks created by 10 San Antonio producers and just in time for the summer. The 2016 Compilation shouldn’t be intimidating or too challenging for new listeners and in fact, it’s a fun and chill listen.

 Ernest Gonzales and Diego Bernal at Maverick Fest 2016 - by 9001 Studios

Ernest Gonzales and Diego Bernal at Maverick Fest 2016 - by 9001 Studios

Songs by TEFNYK and 4 Hands set the tone of the record with back to back tracks that aren't 'dark' necessarily but have an evening feel. The first half of the album's atmosphere is relaxed with heavy beats but at times the record has a neon brightness.

"22_22" by Lizarazo begins with some conga and synth that leads the way for an arpeggiated bass line that sounds oh so Moog-y. It's the type of track you can throw on when you've got some driving or studying to do that won't lull you to sleep or distract you with lyrics. Both Brotherwolf and GUIdance's songs have an interlude feel. They're straight forward but slowly build with tension. 

Ernest Gonzales, the mastermind behind Sub.Culture, contributed a beautiful song, “Seafoam” that has a bouncy and delayed synth that soothes the soul. The album ends hotter than San Antonio in August as "OHH YEA" turns on the heat with a trap-like beat, super subby kick and party vocal samples. "Yea Uh Huh" takes a surprising left turn and keeps us guessing throughout the song.  

Gonzales’ other project, Mexicans With Guns, offers up "Canto I (Ninos)." The tracks' 8-bit 'bleep blorp' is accompanied with some large bass and beats that move through the room like a two ton robot monster.  

Tommie Wong, MC from San Antonio, joins aLr Boosh on "To The Max!!!" a collaboration that keeps up the energy of the back half of the record. Star Fighter Dreams's "Love Struck Down" has an erratic intensity that's marries drum n bass with layers of tweaked vocal samples. Nag Champa ends the album with a lo-fi remix of "Que Calor." Nag Champa's fusion of of the traditional with modern filters and effects plug-ins brings heritage sounds into the 21st century.     

Sub.Culture's 2016 Compilation is this summer's must listen collaboration. An all San Antonio lineup where nostalgic sounds and beats are fused together in new and experimental ways. You can download a copy of the collaborative compilation at Sub.Culture's Bandcamp.