Sono and Amea Light Up The Strip

A lot goes into a performance: creation, rehearsal, logistics, execution. And it's hard work. But there is a sublime element that seems to manifest on stage, on the spot in rare moments. You can sense a certain magic when all the moving parts of a plan come together. When the audience is connected and the music carries the room into another dimension, you know you're seeing something special. MusiConnects organized by Nu Age UNLTD, Saturday night definitely came through with great music and great people. 

Some performers are out to save or conquer the world, from hero drummers to rappers who are jumping out their skin. Sono on the other hand, is steady. Straight chipping away at that mountain. Sono's lyricism with varied rhymes maintained a unique style over crafted beats. "Andale" had people moving and singing along with the hook, and the same with "So Gone", an engaged audience hit their cue on time "SO GONE!" "The World Is Ours" gave an interesting break and contrast to the rhythms of the other more catchy tracks, a good move that kept the audience guessing.

Amea’s stage presence, voice, song writing expertise, everything is in a category all its own here in San Antonio. Amea can sing, for sure, but she’s also an entertainer – a star. Amea is the complete package of artistry. She has vision but also business savvy that’s demonstrated by those she surrounds herself with and the steps they’ve taken to help further her career. Sobre Sound has seen her perform before and has had the chance to speak with her on more than one occasion, and at MusiConnects on Saturday night she delivered another special performance. I walked in as she performed her hit "VayCay," and saw a crowd entranced, singing along. Amea brought Bamsworth Belli on stage to join her on the song "Foolish" and then followed up by crooning the ladies in crowd and even bring them up on stage with her.  If the ‘devil is in the details,’ then these random nights of regular gigging in her hometown are the details of an incredibly promising career in music. Watch out world. San Anto’s coming for you. 

You can listen to Amea's new EP "Baggage Claim" on Spotify.

photos in the top gallery by Bryce Williams / @o2visuals
photos in the bottome gallery by  Issac Mello