Luminaria's 2016 Musical Artists

   Take a look the musical acts at this year's Luminaria. The lineup includes artists that are known for utilizing a visual component with their regular performances like Calico Club as well as a few performers of diverse influence like Mexican Step Grandfather and Garrett T Capps.

   In recent years, Luminaria has changed its foot print but each year lands intriguing installations, murals and more. 2016's location has been spread throughout the East Side at community centers, parks and The Hays Street Bridge. 

   Multimedia artist and musician Saakred builds upon their 2013 Luminaria installation,Alumbramiento, with FOUR, in which three participants create music with the artist by using a SunVox analog synth programmer. The digital instruments will include a string quartet, a theremin, digital drums, and analog keys. Each of the four chairs will be colored and lit to represent the four sacred elements: water, fire, earth, and air. FOUR will act as a microcosm for the unpredictable entropic and harmonious movements of the Earth, while creating an opportunity for the audience participants to have a hands on experience in creating and performing experimentalist sound production.

   Voted Austin’s Best World Music Band 2015-16, Rattletree has appeared onJimmy Kimmel Live, and is often called "Blue Man Group meets Electronica," Infusing ancient forces with the intensity of modern electronic dance music, Rattletrap’s music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. For Luminaria 2016, Joel Laviolette and Rattletree will premiere new music integrated with dynamic video projection mapping, taking audience members on a journey exploring the music of Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe. 

Dixon's Violin
   The world's premier visionary violinist, Dixon blends his classical training with soulful improvisation skills and the command of a wide range of digital technology. Dixon improvises on a 5-string electric violin with a looper to create an all-live one-man symphony. Currently touring the U.S. and beyond, he has mesmerized crowds from Burning Man to TEDx, as well as via radio and TV. This year marks Dixon's return to Luminaria. 

 Mexican Step Grandfather
   Mexican Step Grandfather, Marco Cervantes, is an activist, musician, poet, educator, and scholar living in San Antonio.  In his music he combines live instrumentation with intellectual lyricism and covers such topics as Texas education, border politics, and institutional racsim.  He is also a member of the AfroChicano hip hop collective Third Root who have recently completed their third album with Grammy Award winning producer Adrian Quesada.  Cervantes is faculty in the Mexican American Studies program at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he researches and teaches such topics as transculturation and shared spaces, Black and Chicana/o musicology, hip-hop studies, and performance pedagogy.

Garrett T Caps & Phillip Luna
   Mu-sick is an immersive conceptual music and media experiment by artists and “electronically converted former sentients” Capps and Luna, who use a mysterious apparatus called the GARPH-8772 to convert the viewer’s thoughts and feelings into “Mu-sick.”

Phillip Luna, aka “PH-72,” calls himself “a former visual and musical artist from the western hemisphere of your planet with “extensive experience in histrionics, empathy, disassociation, synthesizers, drums and bass.”

Garrett T. Capps, aka “GAR-87” is a “former musical artist & domestic byproduct from the western hemisphere with “extensive experience in impulsivity, solipsism, and rock n’ roll.” 

Joe Reyes and Paul Fauerso with Film Artists
   SET, organized by artists Joey Fauerso and Liz Rodda, is a video exhibition that combines silent films with live musical performances by Joe Ryeses and Paul Fauerso.  This 30-minute event will feature original compositions and performances by musicians Paul Fauerso and Joe Reyes, and include silent video works by Cheryl Donegan, Celeste Fichter, Duncan Ganley, Tatiana Istomina, Susan Jacobs, Maura Jasper, Liz Rodda, Luz Maria Sánchez, Barron Sherer, Joey Fauerso, and Michael Velliquette. Experimental in nature, the project considers the ways in which artists work in anticipation of an unknown auditory response and, in turn, how musicians and performers reply to a divergent range of imagery.

Future Sailor
  Future Sailor is a sister fronted indie rock band from San Antonio, TX. Led by Stephanie Huskin, with her classically trained voice and melodious piano playing, and Diane McVey, with her subtle yet enriching acoustic guitar work, the band seamlessly blends melancholic tones with dulcet vocal harmonies, achieving a mystifying yet dark and heavy sound that blends elements of pop, jazz, and indie rock. 

  Backed by rhythm section, Jonathan Valderrama on bass and Gabe Castillo on drums as well as Josh Huskin on lead guitar, the trio adds the necessary elements to highlight the sister duo’s soaring harmonies and classic song writing.

  fishermen are an American indierock soul sextet who, for their Luminaria performance, lead the audience on an operatic and filmic journey inspired by the concept of civil war — not just the American Civil War, but other episodes of violence and civil unrest, whether deadly and historic, or satirical and symbolic.

Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzalez
  Bernal is the Texas State Representative for District 123, and a former San Antonio City Councilperson. He's also a DJ whose experimental, instrumental releases have been acclaimed in underground hip-hop beat-maker circles. Diego performed at the inaugural Luminaria Festival in 2008 and returns with his collaborator.  

Calico Club
   The Calico Club Videoscape is an interactive installation which combines audience participation with cinematic special effects. Videoscapemakes green screens and chromakey technology available to the Luminaria participants, as well as an arsenal of children’s toys, science kits, water bottles, gift wrap and other everyday items. The audience volunteers use these improvisational tools to experiment with their own their likeness in front of the camera with special effects.  Collaborators Daecos Tijerina and Kimberly Cardenas have been part of San Antonio's underground elcetornic scene since 2014.

Brandon Cunningham
   Cunningham is an individualistic neo-folk-rock singer/songwriter with a strongly individualistic, contemplative style. He writes about love, hope, God, and struggle, the tensions that lie between love and loss, chance and meaning, and brokenness and redemption. In 2014, his second album Give Out garnered national praise from critics and bloggers. After venturing to Chicago, Cunningham returned to his native Texas in 2015.

   Art collaborators Dakota and Zachary Applebaum and Felicia Salazar are an experimental rock band and masters of the liquid light show, a form made popular during the psychedelic 60s and which involves the mixing of oil, water, alcohol, and colored dye in glass plates to create an animated and vibrant visual projection. Luminaria audience members will have the opportunity to create and manipulate liquid light projections for Verisimilitude’s performance. The artists will create a white environment, allowing the audience to transform their experience onto the stage. 

The Bilo Effect
   While not musical performers, per se, Laser Envy, a project by artists Dean Johnston, Albin Garcia, Katarina Rios, and Frida Ramirez, uses safe, low powered, double-tunnel lasers of various sizes as virtual performers of light that dances to music from their DJ. 

Sujata Venkateswar & Greg Hinojosa
  Anamika, a musical collaboration between Greg Hinojosa and Sujata Venkateswar, traces the life of an immigrant (Anamika) from India to her life in the United States. The music draws from traditional Indian and popular American music, while the choreography explores the fusion of Indian dance with Latino, African American and popular dance forms.

  Venkateswar is a well-known Indian classical music vocalist and teacher. She founded Raaga Archana, a monthly program at the Hindu Temple of San Antonio called that promotes local as well as out of area Indian musicians. She also produced and performed in Bollywood Extravaganza for Luminaria 2012.

   Hinojosa is a writer and theater artist named one of the most influential people in San Antonio by the Express News, and Best Theatre Director in San Antonio by the San Antonio Current. A winner of numerous ATAC Awards for his theater work, Hinojosa currently serves as the Creative Consultant for the Magik Children's Theatre.