San Antonio's Co-Work Space for Musicians Lands Funding From City


This is huge. From a press release late last week:

Councilman Cris Medina, long an advocate for developing our city’s music economy, succeeded in securing $25,000 for San Antonio Sound Garden (SASG) from the FY2017 budget for the City of San Antonio. The funds will be designated to assist SASG with a comprehensive plan as part of our ongoing effort to develop San Antonio’s untapped music economy.
“The important work being done by Edwin Stephens, Noah Breeden, and the rest of the team at San Antonio Sound Garden is unmatched in our city,” said Councilman Medina. “They are working tirelessly to foster a sustainable music economy in San Antonio by providing fertile ground for musical entrepreneurs to develop and grow.”
“This is the logical next step in our effort to preserve and celebrate our musical heritage and become a world class music city.”

This matters for multiple reasons: one, it shows a commitment from the City of San Antonio and city leaders. This is the city putting its money where its mouth is. Two, this is an example of the momentum still present in SA's music scene. While the wind has been taken out of Austin music's sails, San Antonio's music economy is chuggin' along. San Antonio Sound Garden represents a demand for professional services to be locally available for musicians and is a type of proving ground and hub of talent. For more information about SA Sound Garden visit: http://www.sasoundgarden.org/