My Top 11 Performances of 2017

1. Tom Petty - (Bluesfest, Ottawa) I was lucky to catch the legend at Ottawa Bluesfest, which isn't a crazy huge festival, 25-30k tops. He played hit after hit after hit. Just when you thought you heard em, BOOM - another hit. 

the site of Ottawa Bluesfest

the site of Ottawa Bluesfest


2. Yves Tumor - (iiiPoints, Miami) one of the most surprising live performances I’ve seen in years. Didn’t know what to expect and was blown away. I had listened to the recordings before and they were great, beautiful even. The live performance was .. intense. 

3. Nicolas Jaar - (iiiPoints) I had seen him before, at Emo’s in Austin, but his set at iiiPoints was a little more accessible, as he sang and played familiar songs off earlier records. 

4. Anderson Paak - (Bluesfest) my first time catching the entertainer. He was amazing and played drums while rapping and i thought i saw him on guitar. There was a rain delay during his set (which made me have to tend to my job) but he was able to come out and perform the rest of his triumphant set. 


5. Marian Hill - (Air & Style, LA) i hadn’t seen that commercial, hadn’t listened to any of their music. Had some time to stumble upon their set and dang, they were badass. She sang WITHOUT a backtrack and dude was rocking out a sampler live, samples were queued up.


6. Madlib - (iiiPoints) so calm and cool, Madlib looked so slick up there, just behind the 1s and 2s so smooth. He was great. 

7. Cherry Glazerr - (FPSF, Houston) I learned about this band at the end of 2016 by seeing a line develop outside of a soCal club to see them. They music was raw and catchy, loved em instantly. Checked em out at Free Press and they were pretty good live. kicked ass.


9. Migos - (Bluesfest)The day Migos performed at Ottawa Bluesfest made the local news, fencing was knocked down and the rowdy crowd was smashing people up front. People were acting like their life depended on seeing Migos perform it was nuts.

10. DJ Mustard - (Bluesfest, Ottawa) - A pretty great DJ set that had those Canadian kids going crazy.


11. Insomniac - Their festivals are super pretty to be at. The stage production at EDC is incredible.