Famed Houston Venue, Fitzgerald's, Under Fire

Earlier today, Garrett Brown aka TrakkSounds, a Houston-area producer and show promoter/organizer, posted an email exchange with Fitzgerald's Live that was full of racist stereotypes of segments of hip-hop fans. Saying attendees "buy little, tip little and bring disharmony" to the venue. 

Brown then called for a boycott of Fitzgerald's Live on Twitter, and this is where things fall off the rails: Fitzgerald's doubles-down on their statements over email and state "boycott away."

Fitzgerald's initially could have easily just said "no thank you" and went about their day, but after that email in question was sent, could have came out as an organization and fired the individual and that as an organization, stating they don't feel that way about any music fan.

Yet, instead they stand behind their statement, weeks after hosting Devin The Dude. 

Waiting to see what else is going to happen. 

UPDATED: 5:00pm 2-7-17

The hole keeps getting deeper: