11 Things The City of San Antonio Can Do For Music

Recently, the City of San Antonio was designated a Music Friendly Community by the state's official Office of Music. Let's see if the city will put its policy where its mouth is. Here are 11 Things The City could do regarding policy that would benefit San Antonio's music community. 

1. Create a fund organized for musician healthcare.

2. A third party system for measuring sound.

3. Better lighting, sidewalks and speed bumps installed on N St Mary’s. 

"The Strip" by  @terrrrabite

"The Strip" by @terrrrabite

4. Crosswalks and pedestrian infrastructure to help cross Probandt at Cevallos.

5. Easing food truck & street vendor regulations.

6. Loading zones adjacent to music venues and bars for musicians.

7. Reimbursement for using underutilized infrastructure at public parks and spaces.

8. Grants/subsidies/reimbursement for acquiring service members as audiences

9. Provide police, fencing and drinking water for large outdoor music events


10. Make street closure permits cheaper and easier to acquire (police provided).

11. Require COSA to utilize actual music professionals and not staffers, cronies or other career beaurocrats to manage music related events at the city.