Sobre Selections

Sobre Selections - San Antonio Volume 2

Sobre Selections - San Antonio Volume 2, curated by Alyssa Bunting, features yet another wide-ranging variety of homegrown artists. 


Lloronas - "Tell That Girl To Speak Up"

Last Nighters - "Where's The Blue Line"

Michael McKenzie ft Jeremy Kingg - "Eye4Eye"

Sarah Y Hermanos - "Pretty Boy Blues" 

Los Nahuatlatos - "Saturn"

Televangelist - "Crossing Ponds"

something fiction - "The Healer"

Sugar Skulls - "Oh I'm Sorry"

Grupo Frackaso - "Desenfriol"

Whatever? - "Emerald Eyes" 

Alyson Alonzo - "Love Memory"

Tiny Desk: San Antonio Edition

Saakred - "Plate Tectonics"

Saakred's hypnotic voice both haunts and mesmerizes  in "Plate Tectonics." The minimal combination of acoustic guitar and vocal is offset by the tectonic shift of emotion conveyed throughout the song. Saakred keeps us on a razor thin precipice of anticipation as we follow them in to a delicate ending. 


Calico Club - "Nighttime Roller Disco"

Disco balls and midnight skating rinks are exactly what this song sounds and feels like. SA indie-electro dance duo, Calico Club, entered a video that matches catchy synth patterns with the sultry, silky voice of Pleasure Faces. "Nighttime Roller Disco" is a good example of a Calico Club performance: projections, beats and the desire to dance. 


The Foreign Arm - "We're Growing"

San Antonio's best kept secret: The Foreign Arm. This super group of incredible vocalists Nicolas Blevins and Vocab, George Garza from Pop Pistol, San Antonio's favorite violinist Darian Thomas, Jeff Palacios and Jack Aguilar. Collecting these videos from central Texas artists was fun but I was blown away when I came across this video. The song is crafted wonderfully and executed effortlessly by this band of immense talent.  


fishermen - "Fire Me Up"

What more can we say about fishermen, seriously? The band's 2015 releases were amazing and now this video of the guys performing "Fire Me Up" shows us just that. From "Something In The Water"  

“Fire Me Up” will echo in your mind like an heroic anthem of youth with towering guitars and infectious lyrics. I love the way this song is put together, the subtle backing instrumentation and even the large distortion is hard to place where those sounds came from: “is that a guitar? a synth? I’m not too sure but it sounds badass.”

Rivers Want - Live Set

Nothing Chief - "Tangerine" 


No Press, No Media Machine: Star Slinger

"No press, no media, just new music delivered by me." Star Slinger claims in the details of his new 4 track EP "Sketchy" uploaded on Soundcloud. Minimal modernism and auto-tuned vocals set off the EP with the track "I'm Like". The second track definitely turns it up a notch with an alternative post-trap beat "Sketchy Boys In The Back Of The Bus". This release is leading up to not one- but two more EPs out later this year from the Manchester, UK producer. "Alpha Lead (Instrumental)" and "Rainy Day" are experimental instrumentals that are reminiscent of his collaboration with Teams back in 2011. 

Sobre Selections: Lydmor & Bon Homme

Lydmor & Bon Homme are a Danish electronic indie pop band that just released their debut album called Seven Dreams of Fire in November 2015. It is a collaboration between Tomas Høffding (remix artist and singer/bassist in the Danish electronic pop band WhoMadeWho and solo act Bon Homme) and Jenny Rossander (singer/producer in solo act Lydmor). Together they have created an album full of alluring vocals, catchy melodies, and captivating synth beats. The first single called “Things We Do For Love” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, but I also really love the tracks “Dream of Fire,” 

“Trampoline,” and “Missed Out on Disco.” The whole album has this laid back feel with a mix of a house, dance, electronic, disco, pop music vibe, and I can hear remnants of OMD, The Cure, Bryan Ferry, and even Crystal Castles in some of the songs mentioned above, but I have a feeling this is unintended. Jenny Rossander's vocals can be angelic at times, and maybe that is why she is called Lydmor in Danish which means 'sound mother.' Tomas Høffding has a cool vocal style just as entrancing as Jenny's, and together both in vocals and music, it seems to all work really well. Lydmor & Bon Homme have made a great album that is worth checking out. 

Album out now on vinyl, CD, digital and stream: VinylCD or MP3 from Amazon.