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Rock 'n Rap Day Party At The Paper Tiger

photo by Elizabeth Aguilar

photo by Elizabeth Aguilar


San Antonio’s music sensei (and “hip-hop tastemaker”), Ghostpizza, threw a pretty cool day-show party with Antwon and Power Trip to finish off those who hadn’t already been knocked on their asses by Fiesta. Surprisingly, the Paper Tiger popped off on a Sunday afternoon as those who had managed to survive the week crawled their way to one last hurrah on the strip.

The place flooded with tightly huddled minors, shirtless and sweaty, as the genres of rock and rap were sweetly spun together like ice cream swirled and served to them. The day (which started at 1 p.m.) slowly escalated from head bobbing to hair flipping as rappers Izaq Roland and P2 Goldma$k, and rock bands Headlock and BloodHound took their turns trying to get the crowd to come out of their hangover-induced shells.

With the early afternoon sun illuminating his shiny mask, PMG artist P2 Goldma$k held the mic in one hand and demanded a mosh pit from the crowd, starting his set off in front of the stage rather than on it. After seeing what he referred to as a “Fisher Price mosh pit,” P2 decided to pull himself out of the kiddie crowd and finish his set back on stage. 

The Cali-based rapper, Antwon, did it right making this is first show in San Antonio. With a background in hardcore and a degree in lyrical scribing, Antwon seemed to fit right in with Sunday’s scene. With a warm, husky voice and dreamy RnB mix-ins, the San Jose rapper and his right-hand man, Sad Andy, had no problem getting everyone in the crowd to show some color (despite the fact that nearly everyone there was wearing black).

No sooner did Power Trip plug in their trio of electric guitars, some shirtless kid was running around the mini mosh pit (that had just formed) wearing a helmet. Others were tossing themselves back and forth from one side of the pit to the other like a game of Red Rover. Others were spinning their arms and kicking their legs, releasing pent-up emotions that rose up and intoxicated the rest of the standing crowd. By the time the band had finished, every face was drained of life and drenched with sweat.

It made perfect sense why the left Power Trip for last.  Note: I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical when seeing the lineup for the first time. Biggie’s reincarnate Antwon and Power Trip, the hardcore shedders? Local hip-hop experimentalist P2 Goldma$k and the vicious jugular vein-popping band BloodHound? I’ll admit I had never experienced a mix of genres quite like the one created that afternoon. What was really interesting was that as I listened to each performance, I realized that this lineup wasn’t just a random mix of metal bands and rappers. Rather the lineup had been strategically put together, brilliantly placing the interchangeable elements of each genre within each one other. I definitely want to see more San Antonio lineups and shows like this in the future. 

Shout out Ghostpizza.