Atmosphere Returns to San Antonio: SELLS OUT Paper Tiger

All photographs by Ricardo Romero

All photographs by Ricardo Romero

By: Maxwell Woodward

After 13 years, Atmosphere finally came back to San Antonio filling the house at the Paper Tiger on a picture perfect evening and threw a freakin’ awesome hip hop party for an overjoyed crowd of madly dedicated heads. 

DJs Plane Ole Bill and Last Word, of “Get Cryphy," set the vibe of the ensuing party with a back and forth that spanned the hip hop spectrum. Representing half of the self-proclaimed "most rowdy get stupid go dumb rapp dance party/DJ Crew in the Twin Cities;” these guys did not disappoint. (Wax DJs for the win!)

Enter rapper Jordan Wallingford, AKA “Haphduzn,” backed by the beats of Dimitry Killstorm (Dimitry Bernstein). A relative newbie to the artist owned Rhymesayers label, this rapper kicked ass and drew in the crowd participation with a clever recount of rap history and the nature of cyclical trends in his track “Brand New Nostalgia.”

The journey continued with a hard hitting, thought provoking set by hip hop artist, speaker, and activist Brother Ali. Ali’s lyrics cut to the hearts of the captivated mob with an intensely personal delivery of his outspoken stances “… on the political, socioeconomic, and cultural suffering in modern American life.” Dude was the keynote speaker at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum this year.

When Atmosphere walked on stage after an extended intermission, the crowd exploded with a seemingly endless ovation that charged on through the rest of the night. “Slug” (Sean Daley) was visibly taken aback as the persistent roars required hushing after literally every song. Also founder of the Minnesota hip hop powerhouse known as the Rhymesayers Entertainment collective, Slug has paid his dues. His rhymes reflect a self-aware style and his track record is testament to his blue collar mentality and dedication to his craft. During their classic track, “The Woman with the Tattooed Hands,” producer and beat master Ant (Anthony Davis) literally stopped the record after the tattoos came alive, allowing the crowd to finish acappella the climax verse we took over.

This duo most definitely pleased the hungry San Antonio mass. An encore brought the whole gang back out for a couple more hits and a rap battle that closed with some skillful lines by Slug about ‘real recognizing real’ in San Antonio and throwing ‘em up like the mother fucking rodeo.

First look at what to expect at Otep show at Korova

All Photos by Ricardo Romero

All Photos by Ricardo Romero

Tomorrow at 7 p.m., 15 year old Californian metal band Otep fronted by Otep Shamaya who has been compared as a hybrid of Marilyn Manson and Kim Gordon will share the stage with bands such as Houston band Downfall 2012, alternative Chilean band The Reaktion, and hometown heroes Minister Fiend and Pigweed on the “Art of Fury” tour.

Sobre Sound’s Ricardo Romero gives us a sneak preview of what to expect from the Otep show tomorrow at the Korova after attending the show in Austin’s Empire Control Room yesterday where they performed with , reaktion, Downfall 2012, Casket of Cassandra, Fear Control, Pigweed and Meka Nism.

San Antonians rejoice! Apparently, you can turn a tortilla into a record!

It was the dream we all had but didn't realize it 'til just now. The Daily What posted a video of a laser vinyl cutting machine inscribing songs such as Los Del Rio's "La Macarena" onto none other than a TORTILLA. 

Granted it doesn't have the same quality of sound as wax, it's still pretty fucking rad. 

Check out the video below: