Storytelling and placemaking help cultivate artists’ identity like nothing else. In today’s digital world, it is perhaps even more important due to the lack of liner notes and other physical media which bring audiences closer to the artists they love.

Through the video production skills of Nick Mery, fishermen introduce us to the bigger picture. We are given insight through glimpses of the writing process, performing around town and being actively apart of the local community. Part of the significance of fishermen, aside from their individual and collective musical talents, is the ability to craft a narrative surrounding their band. We can relate to these guys because we see them inside the places we go, doing the things we all regularly do - yet, they maintain that sublime mystique.  

Releasing two EPs simultaneously instead of 1 full length record, makes a lot of sense for fishermen. Their members’ influences are incredibly varied and their songs evade easy categorization, so breaking the release into two distinct EPs actually helps us to digest this ambitious piece of work.

The first two singles off Future Wives and Smart Kids, "Fire Me Up" and "All My Love", are two very different sounding songs, but still sound like they came from the same band. "Fire Me Up" begins with a distorted & muted guitar hook that sets the tone for the massive sound of the song and "All My Love" carries the R&B, soulful vocals with ambient atmospheres and a good beat.

The dual EP release show will take place at Sam's Burger Joint on September 6 at 7:00pm with the Last Nighters and Octahedron on the bill. Tickets start at $10 per person and are available at SamsBurgerJoint.com and FrontGateTickets.com.