Good Vibrations - A Music Festival for the Deaf Community

It wasn’t too long ago that I started to notice American sign language signers at music festivals. This past ACL, I fought my way to the front to catch a band and ended up being completely mesmerized by the ASL signer who was signing the lyrics to the song.  It is a beautiful concept, as we know, music can not only be heard but be felt and unless you have Synesthesia, seeing music is almost impossible until they started using signers signers at music festivals.

A non-profit organization called Aid the Silent out of Boerne is completely reconstructing this concept and turning it into something that millions of Americans could now enjoy. Aide the Silent and former Miss San Antonio (who is deaf herself) came together with the help of Cochlear Americas, Ear Institute of Texas and Voice & Swallowing Institute of Texas and GN ReSound, to create the first ever music festival geared towards the deaf community that will combine the power of music and modern day technology to bring a unique experience to our city and to introduce it to the world.

The inaugural festival is set to take place May 20 at the 70 acre venue 1850 Settlement with performances from people like Ben Rector, Matt Wertz, Penny & Sparrow and the former Miss San Antonio herself Emma Faye Rudkin and will have various food and artisan vendors.

The website describes the festival as,  “a place of fun where festival-goers can enjoy a musical and cultural experience that people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances can enjoy with dozens of craft booths, good food and good music. Festival-goers can enjoy a completely deaf accessible concert. The Good Vibrations Music & Art Festival will have live captioning, and ASL interpretation available as well as T-coiling, vibrating backpacks and a visual light show, which will sync to the performances.”

All proceeds from the festival will go to Aid the Silent who will use the money for research and for easy access to proper tools and treatment for the deaf community. 

Tickets can be purchased here