Levees release self titled EP

On Saturday Jan. 23, San Antonio band Levees, debuts their first self titled E.P. at Limelight. Though only around for less than a year, the four piece group has had no trouble making way through the local music scene. 

Their self titled EP is reminiscent of cowboy blues meet synth pop, much if a major rock n roll contender gave up the 'lifestyle' for a ranch life and a synth; or to paint a picture- like twilight on a prairie. Your Spell has a bewitching blusey pop sound that correlates with its religious undertones lyrically. 

In White has an angstier mood than Your Spell and has a sultry guitar solo that compliments the raspy vocals. Low is where the synth undertones meet the desert rock aspect with the low heavy guitar strums. The fear/emptiness of losing someone (subject of the song) transcends well with the sound. I'm not Holy is my favorite song off of the album because of the amount of soul in it. The lush anguish flows well throughout the song and really resonates within one and I cannot wait to hear it live. 

Joining Levees on their special night are Femina -X, Crown and Fair Coyote for a truly south Texas sounding night.  It's $6 for 21+ and $10 for 18+.

Set Times are:

Femina-X 1:00-1:45
Levees 12:00-12:45
Crown 11:00-11:45
Fair Coyote 10:00-10:45

More info here