Psych Del Rio releases inaugural line-up

K23 released the line up for their inaugural Psych Del Rio festival, a celebration of psychedelic roots planted here in Texas and beyond this afternoon.

The headliners include New York City duo the Psychic Ills, The Warlocks (yes, they did get their name from early GD) out of Los Angeles and seasoned psychedelic rock n rollers Bubble Puppy that formed here in San Antonio. 

Psych Del Rio will take place Saturday September 23 at the Arneson River Theater and will be FREE to the public. Thats right folks, normally you have to pay for this good of a time. 

Gem and Glenn Hotvet, the co-owner wife and husband duo have been hosting psychedelic shows as well as a variety of other events at K23 Gallery for the last few years and have recently starting pushing out of the bubble to create some pretty stellar, outside of the box performances such as the Dallas Acid and Mustachio Light Show that took place at the Scobee Planetarium two months ago that was out of this world. 

And If you missed it, then you're in luck, Astral Projection: Dismal Light and Mustachio Light Show will be taking over the Scobee Planetarium in July thanks to K23. And if for whatever reason planetariums aren't your vibe, Holy Wave and Sumjammer will be playing the public library the day before. 

To coincide with their badass shows in unorthodox places, K23 started a Non-Profit called Purple Bottle that is self described as, "created to provide a platform for national and local musicians, as well as visual artists, to display their artwork in unconventional spaces." 

K23 will keep you plenty entertained during this Summer, all leading up to Psych Del Rio that will truly show downtown San Antonio something it has never seen before. 

"With the general weirdness going around the earth right now I felt that I needed to do something positive," Gem told Sobre Sound, "Tom Robbins said that 'humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.' I wanted to throw a big fun party with a unequivocally upbeat vibe and do it for free. It was a bit of a leap of faith when I started the planning process but we’ve gotten fantastic support from our peers (especially Planet K and Timewheel) and things are all coming together nicely."