Burger Hangover Fest

Fuzzland Announces MOAR Bands for Burger Hangover 5

One day, four stages, 40+ bands. Burger Hangover Fest is back for its 5th year and once again is bringing some damn good bands to San Antonio. The second part of the line up announced today includes Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys and southern California's Cherry Glazerr, who's new record Apocalypstick is a MUST-HEAR-NOW album. The lineup also includes a handful of local bands like We Leave At Midnight, Whatever?. 

VIP Tickets are now available as well at $69 which will include a shorter bar lines, A/C, complimentary beverages and more. 

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
Sarah Bethe Nelson
The Memories
Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys
The Relationship ft Brian Bell From Weezer
Har Mar Superstar
Cherry Glazerr
Guantanamo Baywatch
Lochness Mobsters
Las Rosas
White Mystery
Warbly Jets
Tomorrows tulips
The Sloths
No Joy
Fatal Jamz
We Leave at Midnight
Slow Hollows
Surf Curse
Plastic Pinks
Post Animal
The Whiffs
Pizza Time


Rear-view: The Musical Diversity of Burger Hangover Fest

All photos by Matt Buikema of 9001 Studios

All photos by Matt Buikema of 9001 Studios

San Antonio is slowly becoming spoiled in the sense that we don’t have to travel outside city limits anymore to catch great bands. [The now fourth annual] Burger Hangover Fest has officially made it’s staple as one of the most anticipated events of the year.

We have to give credit where credit is due, Osita Anusi and Nicholas Ivarra over at Fuzzland Productions pulled out all the stops this year putting together a masterpiece of a bill with major headliners such as the Spits and Shannon and the Clams who both are no strangers to the eye of the Paper Tiger.

Artwork by Regina Morales aka HelloReg

Artwork by Regina Morales aka HelloReg

It isn’t easy to create a festival like environment in the confines of property that has under a 1000 person capacity. Burger Hangover Fest nuzzled itself firmly as a happy medium between the major festival environment of being sprawled out on blankets, hundreds of feet away from the stage, and the chaos of stacked bills at SXSW. Burger Hangover helped us dodge that annual pang of missing a slew of bands because of badge exclusivity or ridiculous lines by means of quantity.

They impressively managed to fit three different stages and transition bands smoothly through “punk time” but perhaps the most impressive of all is the diversity featured during last Sunday’s event. Not only were their bands signed to Burger Records performing, there were bands from other labels as well. Band such as Adult Books from Lollipop Records and San Antonio’s own Yippee Ki Yay that hosts local bands such as the Bolos and Junkie who also got to share the stage. There were also bands who aren’t even from the United States such as the lovely ladies of Las Pinas (Yippee Ki Yay signed as well) from Argentina. There were bands from Italy, Israel, Spain and Australia like the dynamic duo of Gooch Palms and the four sisters of Stonefield.

As stated before, this was the most women inclusive lineup I have ever seen for a concert or festival  apart from Burger Record’s own Burger a-go-go, a show set, specifically for female fronted and all female bands. More than half of the lineup was made of boss ass ladies playing various instruments and genres on the three different stages and it speaks volumes about how women are coming up in rock n’ roll.

We had the gals of La Luz swaying us with their beautiful harmonies and dreamy psych tunes; the ladies of Hinds who showed that punk rock has influence all over the world, including their hometown of Madrid Spain; Shannon of Shannon & the Clams whose essence is that of a different era and time traveled here to grace us with her music that no man can rival; Mish Way of White Lung (Editor's Note: Seriously Osita, thank you) showing us that women can be editors at fashion magazines and still more punk rock than most out there; and the lady trio of Bleached who has taken the music industry by storm kicking ass and taking names. I was exposed to the ladies of Abjects from the United Kingdom for the first time and was thoroughly impressed by their gritty punk nature that I’ve only seen the Coathangers rival also with their ability to sing some songs in Spanish.

It wasn’t just the ladies on the stage getting down, the audience itself was made up of a large number of women along with some new and young faces that goes to show it doesn’t matter who you are or what age you are, rock n' roll is universal and Burger Hangover was able to provide a family friendly environment in the midst of the whirlwind.

There is no greater feeling than looking at the impressive lineup knowing you can afford the $25 ticket for 35 bands with affordable drinks in your hand while being able to walk up to the stage and being mere feet from your favorite musicians and not have to worry about losing your spot to a bathroom break or a quick drink purchase. No greater feeling than being surrounded by your friends and local community supporting a show that intermingled local and national artists so fluidly. Most importantly, not greater feeling than seeing the potential that San Antonio has and is able to achieve, we cannot wait to see what you have planned for next year’s Burger Hangover Fest, Fuzzland Productions.

Check out what our friends at 9001 Studios saw at the show: