Emotional Muggar

New Music Friday: Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger

The hot take: this record sounds like Tame Impala. You can get into the intricate details as to why Emotional Mugger sounds unique or different, but the intentionally garagey distortion on the bass and the John Lennon vocal aesthetics are major components in the overall sound of Emotional Mugger. It's always interesting to see an artist take risks on new directions but some Ty Segall die-hards might listen to this and think it's an over-produced, studio version of what they've come to love. There are still many characteristically Segall moments in this new album, but songs like the title track feel and sound like an attempt at creating in the voice St Pepper meets Revolver. The songs grab you and are interesting, Ty takes the experimental aspect of the 60's surf-psych a few steps further than what Tame Impala do, but these songs are great rock n' roll songs. Once folks get over "this sounds too much like" layer, listeners will discover one of the best releases of 2016.