Sobre Selections: Things to check out this weekend


Music and politics go together like Molotov cocktails and dry wood, and with the upcoming 2016 election, it's crucial to get young voters to the polls. Friday, Jan. 8 at Brick, SA for Sanders will be hosting a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign. Apart from being the only candidate who doesn't seem to have his head up his ass, Sanders is already known to the national music scene for his very in depth discussions with Killer Mike of Run the Jewels.  

The event will house art, information on Sanders, voter registration and local live music featuring indie acoustic At War with Dust who will be dueting with Nothing Chief, some hip hop tunes brought to us by Mad One, honky tonk rocker D.T Buffkin, garage soul punkers Dark Planes and boozey blues tunes by the Bolos

Rumor has is there will be a Donald Trump pinata as well. 


New year, new opportunities, and new collaborations. Yippee Kai Yay and Fuzzland Productions brought the momentum they had created in 2015 into 2016 with a few tricks up their sleeves. Apart from starting FUZZNITES that include cheap rock n' roll shows and cheap whiskey every Wednesday.

 Fuzzland Productions has started booking tours as well, starting with Waco natives, Loafers and Teenage Sexx have been touring to promote their split cassette tape through Yippee Kai Yay Records and this Saturday they will be joining their label mates and San Antonio's favorite young bloods, Junkie at Woodward Lumber, a haunt used for Die Happy Productions shows and a Red Legs practice spot. 

Is swing surf punk a thing? Now it is. Thanks to Loafers', angsty vocals and aggressive riffs you can throw your friends around the room and twist your hips, to all at the same time.  

If quickies while your parents stepped out for a minute and young love had a sound it would be Teenage Sexx. They embody all the fun and raging hormones from the good 'ol days.  

It's a little out of context to think of stoner surf rock to be highly productive, but Junkie hit a plethora of milestones in 2015 with a lot of hard work, and show no signs of slowing down. Around New Years, the trio released their newest music video, GLUED GHOULS. These young musicians know what they want, take it by the throat and leave everyone dancing in wake. I look forward to what Junkie will bring in 2016.