Sobre Spotlight

Sobre Spotlight: The Bolos

The Bolos are more than just ok. The “booze blues” garage band with a punk attitude consists of Osita, Tanner, Thomas and Abel and coalesced in April of last year after most of the members would jam until 5 a.m. after a night out.

Both Osita and Thomas’ voices carry a deep bluesy range that harmonize and correlate superbly through hints of surf guitar chordand the western soul Thomas is able to emit through his guitar solos. The rapid deep bass Osita plays and the tempo Abel drums carry an infectious rhythm that never fails to get the crowd moving and this is what makes The Bolos one of my favorite local bands (Oops, can I say that? Oh well).   

With an E.P. titled ‘Mercy’ and an album titled ‘Booze Blues’ out, Bolos boys have been working hard in a short amount of time having already had a taste of large crowds when they had the opportunity to play Burger Records Hangoverfest back in March and just recently got a glimpse of a tour with the Yippee Ki Yay Caravan.

“We actually got paid $100 not to play a show,” Bolos bassist and vox Osita Anusi recalled to Sobre Sound laughing. “We were playing in front of a record store [in Corpus Christi] and right next door was a spa. This lady came out and was all ‘Stop playing! Stop playing! All my clients are leaving because you guys are too loud!’”

With the experience of sleeping in vans, and spending countless hours getting to know each other under their belts, the Bolos are getting ready to set out on their west coast Chata Tour 2015  in less than two weeks stopping in cities such as El Paso, Tempe, Santa Ana and Portland. 

"We're going to be playing with some really rad bands. Nick from the Rich Hands helped us book the entire thing," Osita explained. 

Once they return, they will start preparing for a show, an example of just how far they've come as a band. On September 18 at the Paper Tiger, The Bolos are billed with one of the most well-known names garage punk, The Black Lips. 

Close to seven months ago, Osita tweeted:


And soon there after, got confirmation that they would indeed be sharing the stage and achieving a personal goal. 

"I wrote that when I was inebriated at Brass Monkey and I was feeling the hell out of myself for some reason," Osita elaborated. "They [The Black Lips] actually favored that [tweet] and I remember being all turnt up and just going around showing everyone." 

Osita also explained that it was a surreal feeling because he met them at the last Fun Fun Fun Fest and ended up hanging out with them and acquired Cole [Alexander, guitarist]'s number. 

"When we found out that we were playing, I text him 'Dude we're playing with you and opening up for you in San Antonio.' and he said 'Dude, fuck yes.' It's that full circle, it just surprises me what can happen in a year because we literally only started last year and we've already got to play a festival and sharing the stage with a bunch of really rad bands."

Be sure to bid The Bolos a bon voyage at their tour kick off show next Saturday at Hi-Tones where they'll be sharing the stage with Heaters, Mikey and the Drage, The Sun Machine and Frot Girls. Cover is $3.