the bolos

Photos of Yippee Ki Yay Caravan tour kick off


It’s not every day a couple of dudes spontaneously get married at a show. Last Thursday night at the Yippee Ki Yay Caravan tour kick off, The Oblios’ keyboardist, The Bolos’ bassist and newly ordained minister, Osita Anusi Jr. was eager to put his new skill to the test. “By the power vested in me,” he said “and the website I log into on my phone, I now pronounce you bro and bro.”

The Limelight was the first stop for the Yippee Ki Yay Caravan where surf punk young bloods Junkie opened up for bands, the Oblios, the Bolos and the Rich Hands who are hitting the Texas trails (highways) and play with some of their friends in various cities. 

Safe travels to the Caravan and if they're stopping in your city, here are some highlights from their Limelight show.