Record Store Day

The famous Amoeba Music record store in Los Angeles (courtesy photo)

The famous Amoeba Music record store in Los Angeles (courtesy photo)

Record Store Day, Indonesia (courtesy photo) 

Record Store Day, Indonesia (courtesy photo) 

Among all the Fiesta madness, music lovers rejoice as tomorrow Saturday, April 16 is International Record Store Day!

An idea conceived by independent record store owners in 2007, Record Store Day (RSD) is celebrated on almost every continent in appreciation of the "neighborhood record store" culture and what they mean to individual communities.

Though record stores typically carry CDs and in most instances cassettes, vinyl has been resurrected from its death in 1991. According to a 2015 UPROXX article, vinyl sales were up 52.1 percent in just the beginning of the year where as CD sales had decreased by 27.6 percent. The RIAA reports revenues from vinyl albums were $416 million in 2015 and not since 1988 was that much sold. 

In an even biggest twist, according to the NY Times by the end of 2015 vinyl revenue surpassed free online streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora. Vinyl had racked up $226 million where free online streaming services only made $126.7 million and it was apparent that wax had over taken the web.

It isn't just record store owners and music consumers who commemorate this special day, big name musicians have special shows and even plan album releases around this sacred day. For example, The Coathangers will be releasing their album "Nosebleed Weekend" on Record Store Day and having a special show in their hometown of Atlanta in celebration.

It isn't just big name musicians releasing new albums who hold special shows, record stores here in San Antonio will be celebrating with local bands:

Imagine Books and Records (8373 Culebra Rd #201b, San Antonio, TX 78251)

Southtown Vinyl (1010 S. Flores Ste. 120 San Antonio, TX 78204  :

Other stores participating include Hogwild Records who are trying their damnest to get the "special releases" coming out that day that can be seen here.

Other San Antonio record stores include:

  • Nine Live Books - 4907 NW Loop 410 #102
  • Del Bravo Record Shop - 554 W Old US Highway 90, San Antonio, TX 78237
  • Janie's Record Shop - 1012 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228
  • Flipside Record Parlor -  840 SW Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78221

Other cool shows going on in San Antonio on Saturday April 16:

San Antonians rejoice! Apparently, you can turn a tortilla into a record!

It was the dream we all had but didn't realize it 'til just now. The Daily What posted a video of a laser vinyl cutting machine inscribing songs such as Los Del Rio's "La Macarena" onto none other than a TORTILLA. 

Granted it doesn't have the same quality of sound as wax, it's still pretty fucking rad. 

Check out the video below: