The New Investors

The New Investors are a band from Copenhagen, Denmark consisting of four members Glenn Müller (vocals and guitars), Søren Tiemroth (keyboards and vocals), Fredy Hove Kaalhauge (bass guitars and vocals), and Kristian Karup (drums).  Their music is a mix between indie-rock, surf rock, alternative pop, and psychedelic pop. It's definitely a combination that works incredibly well for them. They just released their debut album called “Last One In Is A Dreamer” a few weeks ago. 

Listening to this album transports me to a beautiful day at the beach in California from sunrise to sunset, which is a nice change from the gray, rainy, and cold Denmark. It starts off with the catchy track “Decembering,” a song reflecting on a past relationship, which is a recurring theme on the album. The vocals transform into a Bowie-esque tone at one point, and the guitar solo at the end is really nice. 

The second track on the album “Atún” only has a few lyrics, but it is a true surf rock song, and could have easily been around in the 60's. The backing vocals are even reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and the guitar reminds me of Dick Dale. The latest single “No One Cares” is probably my favorite track off this album. It is very catchy, upbeat, and dark at the same time. There is a lot of energy in this song, and it has all the elements of surf, rock, and pop, with once again a great guitar solo towards the end.

Other songs like “Friends and Furniture,” “Biscuits and Tea,” and “Enemies Who Once Were Lovers” feel influenced by the Brit-Pop scene in the 90's, and Danish alternative pop/rock scene, bands like Blur, The Lightning Seeds, Moi Caprice, Psyched Up Janis, and even Oasis. The last track “Across the County Line” is a perfect song to end on. It's a more slow song, but with all the classic surf rock elements, and yet another nice guitar solo.

I was able to ask the singer of The New Investors, Glenn Müller, a few questions online this week and here is what he had to say.

Can you tell me a little bit about The New Investors. When did the band start and how was it formed? 
When Velour (former band) split in 2008, but I was a bit fed up with the music industry. I really needed a break and to stay away from it all. Søren (he was also co-writing songs for the last Velour album Undress Your Alibis) and I just kept on writing songs and recording them. After a while we wanted to turn it into a real band and started to play with old drummer Kristian and bass player Kenni of Velour. In the beginning we only released singles and didn’t even play live concerts but then we started to do everything that it takes to be a real band again. So here we are with a new LP.

Do you have plans to tour the U.S.?
We would love to, but no actual plans so far.

What cities would you like to play in?
It would be obvious to do a California tour from San Diego to LA, San Francisco and maybe even to Portland or a highway 66 tour from NY and Chicago to LA. Hopefully when we hit the charts on the radio.

Can you tell me a little bit about the song “Atún.” Why did you write a song about a tuna sandwich?
It's a long story. The inspiration for Atún arose when the group in 2013 played at the legendary Beatles club, The Cavern Club in Liverpool. I introduced the band and in a fit of playful spontaneity, and said that our drummer Kristian Karup is from Spain and would like to greet the audience. Kristian, who is pure Danish mind you, reluctantly takes the microphone while the crowd falls silent in expectation. His eyes search the club until he sees a guy who eats what looks like a tuna sandwich, upon which he somewhat aggressively exclaims: "Tienes un boccadillo con atún?" –“Do you have a tuna sandwich?” Not surprisingly no one in the audience seemed to understand the question until somewhere another guy cries in a rather desperate voice: "Pero no hay!" – “But I don’t have any!” 

When I hear your music I imagine being on a beach on the most beautiful day, enjoying the surf, sun, and sand, but I have never surfed before. What about The New Investors? Do any of you surf?
No, we just pretend to be and look cool like real surfers. And by the way, somebody has to provide the music for the surfers right? Only Dennis Wilson did actually surf, the rest of The Beach Boys didn’t know how to surf.

What bands have you been influenced by?
Needless to say The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and The Papas, Love, The Zombies, Dick Dale, David Bowie, Prefab Sprout, The Cure etc. but we are also inspired a lot by modern artists like Ariel Pink, Beach House and Tame Impala. Some people might compare us with artists like Real Estate, MGMT and Phoenix. 

What bands are you currently listening to?
Right now I’m listening a lot to Wild Nothing, there’s one song in particular from the new album that I really like, it’s called Adore. It could easily have been a New Investors song.

Do you have any plans for more singles and tour dates?
New single coming out this Friday – Enemies Who Once Were Lovers.

I really enjoyed hearing this album. I haven't heard a band like this in a long time, and I look forward to hearing more from The New Investors in the future. Their debut album is available to purchase on vinyl and mp3, and has 10 tracks. You can also listen to the tracks online for free on Soundcloud and YouTube. Definitely check them out!

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