Sobre Selections: Debut of Heavenlyjunkie - "These Waves"

A band named well suited. I'm completely hooked on this sound that can only be described what a day dream sounds like in a good mood despite teetering a certain quality of darkness lyrically that Beach House emits, haunting.  

Dream pops echo in the back of a mellow beat that melts on top of the not so subtle psychedelic undertones. It keeps your head in the clouds then snaps you back, grounding you with serene guitar breakdowns. 

According to the release,  this is a collaboration between two of San Antonio's experimental visionaries, indie artist Heavenlyjunkie (Marc Contreras who also plays in DancelikeRobots) and producer Bryan Hamilton (Aliens WITH Halos), release their debut single entitled "These Waves". The track takes on a bit of a dark path, floating among rising synths and a crunchy chorus giving the listener a euphoric feeling of mixed emotions and mystical illusion.

Their upcoming LP "At The Time Of Death" is a full length album set for release on May 14 at Hi Tones. Hamilton samples over 10 original works from Contreras' indie/folk catalog to create a journey of ethereal soundscapes from a fourth dimension of sorts, all the while Heavenlyjunkie paints vivid imagery of life,death,hope and creativity etc.

A fixed date is soon to be set for a listening party/video debut as well.

Give the track a listen here:

Exclusive artwork by Kavi Das Productions

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